Lifetime Membership: You make the difference

Be more than just another bank customer. Lifetime Membership of Profit Free Mortgages places you at the heart of one of the most democratic finance movements to ever take place.

Your Lifetime Membership funds the work to launch a fully regulated Profit Free Mortgage and guarantees you input on its development (see full membership benefits).

Lifetime Membership

£89 £99

Join Profit Free Mortgages now. As an Early Access Member you get all the benefits of standard Lifetime Membership plus priority choosing your preferred mortgage term. You will also be forever acknowledged as a Founding Member of the PFM movement on a dedicated website and App page. 

Order Summary
Early Access Lifetime Membership

Early Access Benefits

Join Profit Free Mortgages to access a Community that wants owning a home to be profit free and fair.

As a Lifetime Community Member you will shape the services we offer and the support we provide to Members on their home ownership journey.

You (or the individual nominated by you) will be automatically eligible for enrolment for a Profit Free Mortgage once all the development and regulatory stages are cleared.

Please note: Early Access gives Lifetime Community Membership of the Profit Free Mortgages Community Interest Company (PFM). PFM is operating to develop and deploy a profit free mortgage product. There are no guarantees that PFM will clear all regulatory hurdles and none are hereby provided (more info on PFM here).

  • Reduced Lifetime Community Membership fee of £89
  • Priority selection of the timescale your mortgage pot will be built over
  • Automatic eligibility for enrolment when product is launched
  • Voting rights on product features and services development
  • Access to all corporate information and records
  • Voting rights on which partnerships are developed to add savings boost options to your mortgage pot
  • Mandatory opt-in / out rights for all partnerships
  • Voting rights on support services for Members experiencing financial difficulty
  • Forever acknowledged as a Founding Lifetime Member
  • Lifetime Membership of a people's movement that matters

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