Our Mission to 'beat the banks' and stop the 1st time mortgage ripoff.

It's our money so why do we pay so much?

It now takes an average of 10 years to save a deposit for a 1st home. What happens once you've done all the hard work saving one? BOOM! The banks cash in on your home for the next 30 years.

Our target - the high cost of first time mortgages

You may think that with interest rates at their lowest in decades owning a home is as cheap as chips. This is sadly not the case.

Although high street lenders are mainly lending our money back to us the cost is huge.

They have been deliberately increasing mortgage terms to 30+ years. The result? Even a fairly small mortgage costs you a fortune, just look at the examples below:

Target lower mortgage costs
Nationwide high street mortgage rate
Halifax high street mortgage cost
HSBC high street mortgage product

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There is a better way We are building a better mortgage product that removes these unfair costs. In this age of technology and connectivity, mortgages should cost nothing like the above. Especially when you consider, it is our money that is being lent.

You can become a Member to be part of this change and read more on the concept behind Profit Free Mortgages here

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The Profit Free Concept
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