A Community Interest Company

  • Not-for-Profit Profit Free Mortgages is a community interest company (CIC). A type of company introduced by the UK government in 2005 under the Companies Act 2004, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good.
  • Asset Lock All our assets and profits are legally bound to be used for social benefit. That means they are reinvested in the PFM community to improve services, help you the Members and lower costs.
  • Limited by Guarantee That means we have no shareholders looking to make a return from the business. The only people we answer to are you, our Members.
  • Your Vote As a Community Member you are legally given rights to vote on product development, service enhancements and community support mechanisms so that you can influence the future development of Profit Free Mortgages.
  • Articles of Association If you are interested in the legal structure behind Profit Free Mortgages you are welcome to download our Articles of Association using the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions
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